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Frontline Defense Facilities



8 a.m.-Dusk

8 a.m.-Dusk


NO guests or visitors during the week



Saturday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m.-5 p.m.

No entry by non members after 4pm. Non members please arrive before 4pm as we close at 5pm. 


Guests and Visitors do not have full access to the range as Members do. More information under Range Membership




Cash or Credit Cards. No checks please unless paying for membership.



  • $26.00 per hour per shooter

  • $106.00 for a 5 hour Visitor Range Pass

  • $210.00 for a 10 hour Visitor Range Pass

  • Access is still limited to Saturdays and Sundays only. The pistol range, 100yd rifle range, 50yd-300yd rim-fire range and the 200yd-500yd rifle range are accessible to non range members. The 1,000yd rifle range is restricted to qualified range members only except for training and competitions.


Cash or Credit Cards. No checks please unless paying for membership.

  • $42.00 for all day access. 1,000 yd range is restricted to range members only unless you are attending a training event or shooting a long range competition.

  • Guests allowed on Saturdays and Sundays only during range operation hours. Must be accompanied by a Member and stay with the member at all times while on the range property/firing areas. Guest are not allowed on the 1,000yd range. Guest are allowed till 5pm.




As part of our effort to consistently improve our facilities for our members, we have started developing our new 5-Stand range for our members.  We anticipate the opening in late summer 2023.




1,000 Yard Rifle Range

Frontline Defense is growing at an amazing rate. The newest addition is our second 1000 yard range and numerous shooting lanes from for long range precision rifle training and our Absolute Zero Sniper Matches.

300-Yard Rim-Fire Range Open to the Public

We have a dedicated rim-fire range. Steel targets at 50/200/250/300yds!

500-Yard Rifle Range Open to the Public

We’re opening our 500-yard rifle range to the public! Frontline Defense provides all steel targets, no paper targets allowed on the 500-yard rifle range. Steel plates are at 200/300/350/400/450/500yds.

Covered Ranges!!

Our pistol, 100-yard,300-yard rim fire, 500-yard and 1,000-yard rifle ranges are covered, so you can shoot rain or shine. The 1,000yd rifle range is for qualified range members only.

Range Development

Phase 1: Pistol Range

Opened April 13th, 2013. Phase 1 consists of a 200-foot-wide x 25-yard-deep pistol bay. It is equipped with a concrete pad with a covered shelter with individual shooting lanes. The pistol range is divided into 3 bays, one for paper targets, one for shooting steel, and the 3rd is for training. We provide the target stands and steel targets.

Phase 2: 100-Yard Rifle Range

Opened April 20th, 2013. Phase 2 consists of our covered 100-yard rifle range that has 20 shooting lanes. Set distances range from 25, 50 and 100 yards. We provide tables, chairs and target stands.

Phase 3: 300-Yard Rimfire Range

Opened July 27th, 2013. Phase 3 consists of our 300 yard rimfire range. Steel targets at 50/200/250/300yds.

Phase 4: 500-Yard Rifle Range

Opened January 1st, 2014. Phase 4 is our 10-lane, 500 yard rifle area. The 500 yard range is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. Steel targets only, no paper targets. Steel targets at 200/300/350/400/450/500yds

Phase 5: 1000-Yard Rifle Range

1000 Yard range is now open! This is for qualified members only. Public access only for competitions and training courses. 

Future Development

5 stand shotgun and archery.



We are a cold range — which means no magazines are allowed in any firearm unless you are on the firing line and firearm remains unloaded unless otherwise instructed. All firearms in transit from your vehicle to and from the firing line must be in a holster or firearms range bag/case. All firearms are to remain unloaded unless you are on the firing line. You may reload your conceal carry firearm after you leave our property. If it is your first time at Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center and Range, you will be given a safety briefing during check-in.

Note — No XM193, XP193, X-TAC, M855, Steel Tip, Armor Piercing or Tracers on steel targets. They travel more than 3,000 fps and dimple the steel plates. Paper targets all ammo allowed.

We welcome shooters of all ages! Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their children observe all range safety policies. Children must have hearing and eye protection while at the range, even if they are not shooting.


Frontline Defense Firearms Training Center and Range

1060 Ernest Turner Road

Warrenton, NC 27589

Attention Shooters:

The gun range is located off of HWY 58 N in Warrenton, NC. Turn right on Ernest Turner Road, go 2.5 miles. When the hard top road surface ends and the gravel road starts go 1 mile more, the range is on the right.

The outdoor shooting range is open to the public on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. 


Members only have full access to the firearm shooting range Monday through Sunday. Please see our calendar for upcoming firearm training classes and competitive shooting matches. Anyone can participate in training classes and competitive shooting matches — you do not have to be a member of the range. Cash only for hourly shooting for Guests and Visitors.


Wake, Durham, Franklin, Nash, Wilson, Johnston, Halifax, North Hampton, Granville, and Vance are just some of the many counties in North Carolina that make up our gun range membership list. We also have members from South Carolina and Virginia.

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