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The mid-range rifle course is designed to improve accuracy from 25 to 500 yards.

Instruction covers basic ballistics, range estimation, and positional shooting (sitting, kneeling, offhand prone, and barricade positions). Students will be evaluated based on accuracy and consistency.


Any caliber rifle may be used, though the course is geared toward lower-powered optics or open-sight rifles. For 25 to 500 yards the normal set up is 1x-4x to 3x-9x magnified optics (such as the AR-15 platform or your hunting rifle).


Upon completing the course, the student will demonstrate:

  • proper set up of their rifle and scope
  • rifle zeroing
  • range estimation
  • hold over
  • ethical shooting scenarios (in hunting)
  • effective engagement of mid-range targets of know and unknown distances


  • Description


    • Duration: 6 hours
    • Location: Frontline Defense Training Center, Warrenton, NC


    • Confirm 100-yard Zero*
    • Equipment set up
    • Shooting positions
    • Range estimation
    • Fundamentals of long range shooting techniques
    • Ballistics


    • 100 rounds of ammunition
      No XM193, XM855, armor piercing, tracer, or incendiary rounds. We use steel targets.
    • Sling
    • Hat
    • Hearing and eye protection
    • Notepad and pen/pencil
    • Clothing for outdoor shooting: long pants, wet weather gear
    • Bipod (optional but recommended)
    • Optics (optional but recommended)

    *If your rifle is not zeroed for 100 yards, please arrive at 7:30a.m. to zero your rifle before the class starts.

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