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Reloading your own ammunition can be very satisfying and a cost saving factor that many shooters look to gain. Making that “magic recipe” that will help you get on the podium at a long range precision match, or just the cost savings alone, this course is for you. We will provide all the necessary equipment you will need. 100% hands on, you will be reloading center fire rifle ammo.


  • Description


    Duration: 8am-3pm. Bring your own food. Refrigerator and microwave available on site.

    Location: Frontline Defense Training Center, Warrenton, NC


    In this class you will learn principles and theory of cartridge hand loading, proper equipment (press, dies, scales, powder measures, etc.) setup and usage, reading and understanding load data and the proper method to “work up” a load. This class lays the foundation upon which all future loading knowledge and skills will be built. Safety is emphasized above all else in all of our classes. This class isn’t all theory and lecture, though– you will be loading ammo in this class!

    After successful completion of this class, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to safely and effectively work up loads for maximum precision and effectiveness for nearly every type of cartridge for nearly every type of rifle and handgun. From case prep all the way to final inspection. You will learn to use tools and techniques that give you total control of each step of loading.

    We will be loading for center fire rifles in this course, but the exact same techniques are used for loading handguns as well. No ammunition reloaded from class will be leaving the facility.

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