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Our basic wing shooting course is intended for hunters. This shotgun-based class will teach you the important elements of successful bird shooting and will help you hone your skills at any experience level, regardless of the type of bird you're after. You will leave the course with improved style, exercises to use at home and on the range, and tips on how to prepare for your next successful hunting season.


Note: Home defense shotguns are not good for this course.




Rental is for shotgun only. Ammunition is not included. Please see gear requirements for ammunition restrictions.

Basic Wing Shooting

  • Description


    • Duration: 4 hours
    • Location: Frontline Defense Training Center, Warrenton, NC


    • Safety
    • Shotgun operation and selection
    • Choke selection
    • Choke patterns
    • How to lead
    • Proper sight alignment
    • Practice on clays


    • Shotgun with case
    • 75 rounds of birdshot 7 1/2 or 8 shot
    • If you have removable chokes for your shotgun, bring all of your chokes
    • Hearing and eye protection
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