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Now you have your conceal carry permit, what’s next? Learn the difference between point/precision shooting techniques and when to apply these skills based on the situation. Learn self defense in the home and on the street. This is the next step after obtaining your NC Conceal Carry Handgun Permit. You know the laws, but can you shoot well enough to defend yourself in a stressful environment?

Advanced Handgun

  • Description


    • Duration: 6 hours
    • Location: Frontline Defense Training Center, Warrenton, NC
    • Bring your own lunch. We have a refrigerator and microwave. Water provided.


    • Gear and proper set up
    • Engaging multiple targets
    • Shooting with both eyes open
    • Shooting on the move
    • Shooting off angles, around and from a vehicles.
    • Differences between cover and concealment
    • Using cover and concealment to your advantage
    • Reloading under stress
    • Tactical reload vs. admin reload
    • How to properly handle malfunctions


    • Semi Automatic Handgun only. No Revolvers
    • Holster for your pistol
    • 3 magazines and a magazine holder
    • Hearing and eye protection
    • 300 rounds of ammunition
    • Loose fitting pants, preferably cargo pocket style
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